Dublin MetroLink Preliminary Market Consultation - M100 Advance Works Contract Packages - November 2023

Dublin MetroLink Preliminary Market Consultation – M100 Advance Works Contract Packages 

Published on 14 November 2023 

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII), has commenced a preliminary market consultation for the procurement of the Advance Works contract packages for the Dublin MetroLink. The packages include utility diversions, land access, heritage and archaeology works along the route.  

This market consultation is being carried out to help inform TII as they develop the approach to the procurement and delivery of the MetroLink M100 series of contracts. The objective of the market consultation is to inform the market of the current approach being taken by TII, and to seek feedback on the intended structure, and scope of TII’s requirements. The information obtained from the market consultation may be used to ensure an effective tendering process. 

Advanced Works Contract Packages - Webinar 22 November 2023

Watch the webinar replay and/or download a PDF copy of the presentation below:

PDF Download AWDS Preliminary Market Consultation Presentation 22 November 2023 (File Size 5.3MB)

Preliminary Market Consultation Questionnaire 

Deadline for receipt of responses to questionnaire:

12 noon on the 15 December 2023. 

Following receipt of the completed questionnaires, our team will be following up with interested parties to arrange one to one meetings which will conclude at the end of January 2024. 

Find out more:

European Dynamics - PMC documents (etenders.gov.ie) Works 

European Dynamics - View PMC workspace (etenders.gov.ie) Archaeology 


Updated: 27 November 2023