Operations Adviser MetroLink

Operations Adviser MetroLink

TII is currently tendering for an Operations Adviser for Metrolink. All details are available on eTenders and the closing date for tenders is 23 September.

Brief details of this important tender include:

  • The Operations Adviser who will not only support but will positively and proactively embrace our aim of delivering a world class MetroLink for Dublin.

  • The Operations Advisory team will report to the MetroLink Project Director and will work closely with the current TII project team, operations department and engineering designer and provide the necessary strategic, operational and planning advice and inputs for the MetroLink scheme as it develops and progresses through planning and construction, testing, mobilisation and into the initial phases of operations.

  • This Operations Advisory team will provide services including but not limited to the following under this contract

  • Lead the development of an operational vision and strategy for MetroLink where customer needs are placed at the centre of business planning and operations where the customer service, train and station facilities and journey information, particularly during disruption, exceed expectations.

  • Collaborate with management, staff and other key stakeholders involved in the MetroLink project to provide expert advice and guidance on operational best practice.

  • Attend and contribute at regular steering group and work group meetings across the various project teams where they will be the ‘voice of the operator’ and the ‘voice of the customer’.

  • Engage with the Commission for Railway Regulation and Dublin Fire Brigade to help inform and develop the safety strategy.

  • Support the MetroLink team with the development of presentations, reports and communication materials relating to the operations.

  • Assess and comment on designs, plans and layouts from an operational perspective, including:

    • Provide advice and guidance regarding an automated above and below ground rail system.
    • Review the systems definition plan.
    • Review and critique operational strategies, models and plans prepared by the scheme designer
  • Develop and assess operational options and prepare operational plans where required.

  • Support the procurement activities and development of contractual specifications and documentation related to the suite of MetroLink contracts including but not limited to the system integration package, customer services, train timetabling / scheduling, station facilities, safety and security, cleaning and asset management (including rolling stock, infrastructure and systems and stations).

  • Provision of advice and guidance in relation to the systems integration including but not limited to the depot and the control room.

  • Working with the rolling stock provider. This shall include reviewing and critiquing the design of the rolling stock.

  • Provision of testing, commissioning and operating experience and advice on a Grade of Automation Level 4 (GoA4) Metro.

  • The advisor shall support justifications for business cases explaining the systems justification for Grade of Automation Level 4 (GoA4) Metro over other automated options or traditional manually operated rail systems.

  • Implementation and management of necessary regulatory and policy compliance, other policy initiatives as requested by the Director must also be implemented and managed.

  • Provide support on developing the organisation and resourcing models for the operation both client side and within the operator’s organisation and help develop proposals for training operations staff.

  • Advising on best practice operations and maintenance of the infrastructure.

  • Provision of any other general operations advice as requested by the Authority.

Note: For the avoidance of doubt, all data and documentation relating to the service requirements outlined under these scope of services, which are produced, developed, updated/amended during the term of this Contract, remain the property of the Authority.