MetroLink Media Review Notice

MetroLink Media Review Notice 

We are committed to making sure that the widest possible views are taken into account as MetroLink project progresses. We need to make sure that we are listening to all of the relevant stakeholders so that the project can be developed and implemented having regard to what all relevant stakeholders are saying.

We have therefore engaged a service provider to inform us of mentions of MetroLink in various forms of media. This includes articles from traditional media sources (e.g. newspapers, radio and television), and online media sources (i.e. websites, blogs, social media, etc.).

We also want to make sure that we hear the views of members of the public directly, so the reports will include public posts on social media platforms (e.g. Twitter, Facebook,, etc.).

Our reports will be generated on the basis of reviewing media references to “Metro”, “Metro North” or ”MetroLink”. In order to ensure that the references are to MetroLink project, and not other metro projects around the world, our service provider limits its reports to Irish media sources and social media posts that are identified as being made by users located in Ireland.

If you use one of these terms in a public social media post, your post may be included in a report that is sent to us by our service provider. The service provider may also assign a sentiment to your post, which will assist MetroLink team in effective stakeholder management/engagement.

If you would prefer that your social media posts were not included in our reports, please send an email to us at with details of your social media account (e.g. your twitter handle).

Please also see the MetroLink Data Protection Notice for further details about our processing of your personal data and details of your rights in relation to that processing.