Local Area Consultations

Local Area Consultations

Since we conducted the public consultation on the MetroLink Preferred Route in March 2019, we have been developing the preliminary design in preparation for our application for a Railway Order, which will be made in Q3, 2022.

As the design develops, some changes are being made to the Preferred Route based on feedback from the public consultation or recommendations by our design and environmental teams. In advance of making the formal application, we’d like to obtain your view on these changes.

Over the coming months we will publish on a rolling basis the proposed changes and invite you to comment on them.

We propose to publish the drawings and documents explaining the updates on www.metrolink.ie

We will give advance notice of the publications by:

  • emailing everyone currently registered for further information with us
  • placing a notice on the website;
  • broadcasting on our Twitter and LinkedIn pages and

When the drawings and details are published, we will accept submissions on each proposal for a period of three weeks via the website, info@metrolink.ie and by post. We will also make ourselves available for meetings with affected groups and interested parties through a variety of public forums. We'll provide more details on those in due course. But right now, we wanted to let you know that we intend to continue our process of public engagement as the design develops.

If you haven't already, register for updates https://www.metrolink.ie/#/contribute/ or keep an eye on this page, or Twitter @MetroLink_ie