Albert College Park Public Consultation 2020

Albert College Park Public Consultation 2020

Albert College Park Public Consultation Document 2020As part of the MetroLink project, it is intended to construct a tunnel intervention shaft within the grounds of Albert College Park. The proposed location of the intervention shaft formed part of the information provided during the non-statutory public consultation on the Preferred Route in 2019.

During the public consultation, local residents requested that more information be provided about the shaft, so they could properly consider its impact on the surrounding area. In response to this request, MetroLink initiated a local area consultation to explain in more detail the function and need for the intervention shaft at Albert College Park. This consultation closed on Thursday, 12th March 2020 at 5pm.

We also want to ensure that the appearance of above-ground elements - the building, access, parking and boundary treatment - are of the highest quality and are sensitive to its surroundings in this important recreational amenity. We are therefore seeking your feedback on;

  • The overall appearance of the building and its surroundings.
  • Our proposed construction methodology.

This page is a summary of a more detailed report, “Albert College Park, Tunnel Intervention Shaft Report”, which is available here. You can obtain a hard copy of the report by emailing or phoning us at Freephone 1800 333 777. You may also send a request by post to our address here.

Albert College Park Tunnel Intervention Shaft Location

Albert College Park Tunnel Intervention Shaft

Where the distance between stations is greater than 1km, there is a need to provide a tunnel intervention shaft. This is the case for MetroLink between the proposed Collins Avenue and Griffith Park Stations. The distance between these stations is 1,494m and therefore requires an intervention shaft at a suitable location not more than 1km away from either station. Albert College Park is the proposed location for the necessary tunnel intervention shaft.

The shaft provides the following functions:

  • It allows emergency services to access the underground system in an emergency situation;
  • It provides a safe route for passengers to escape from the tunnel during an emergency;
  • It assists in controlling/managing smoke extraction in emergency situations;
  • It assists in providing ventilation for passenger comfort in normal day-to-day operations and
  • It provides draught relief during the normal operation of the line, enabling the movement of air in or out when a train passes.

The proposed intervention shaft will be located in the south-west corner of Albert College Park. Its proposed location is shown below.

Albert College Park Tunnel Intervention Shaft Building

Figure 2. Proposed Tunnel Intervention Shaft building

The finished site will include;

  • a building that will provide emergency access/egress stairs for passenger evacuation,
  • dedicated lifts for Dublin Fire Brigade access and
  • tunnel ventilation equipment and systems.

Vehicular access will be provided off the Ballymun Road for emergency vehicles and routine maintenance. Parking facilities will be provided to accommodate emergency services vehicles in the event of an emergency incident and for attendance of maintenance vehicles when necessary.

The boundary of the tunnel intervention shaft will be secure. The finished area will be appropriately landscaped to incorporate it into the local environment.

An image illustrating how the intervention shaft might look on completion is shown below.

An indicative layout of the Tunnel Intervention Shaft area, which shows the building outline, access road and proposed parking areas is shown below.

Albert College Park Tunnel Intervention Shaft Location Map

Figure 3: Completed Indicative Site Layout

Next Steps

We will review all feedback received to help us finalise our designs before submitting our planning application to An Bord Pleanála. This consultation closed on Thursday, 12th March 2020 at 5pm.

The consultation resulted in 198 submissions from residents’ groups, local homeowners and stakeholders who use the Park. Whilst there are some concerns still regarding the impact on the Park the ventilation shaft and surrounding site will only take up 5.1% of the overall park area.

The designers are committed to taking all feedback on board and minimising the impacts during the construction and operational phases.

The design of the building has received a mixed response with some people looking for the building to be more “green” and “sustainable”.

You can view a copy of the feedback received during the Albert College Park Public Consultation here.