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Independent Engineering Expert (RINA)

Independent Engineering Expert (RINA)

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) and the National Transport Authority (NTA) recognise that residents’ groups may find that some aspects of the Railway Order process are quite technical and have set up a process to assist residents’ groups in interpreting technical designs, drawings etc. and formulating their responses.

The Independent Expert, which is funded entirely by the project, has been appointed following a competitive tendering process which included an independent member of the selection panel. RINA has a very strong track record of working across the globe on major transport projects as Independent Engineers.

RINA will review the Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) on behalf of the residents’ groups and help the residents in preparing their Railway Order submissions.

The description of the services of the Independent Engineering Expert can be found here.

RINA Independent Engineering Expert Report - December 2022

This report reviews the Railway Order Application (especially the Environmental Impact Assessment Report) for the Dublin MetroLink project. It is the second formal output of a team of Independent Engineering Experts commissioned in September 2021 by TII, on behalf of residents' groups and associations and other non-commercial stakeholders with interests in the effects of the MetroLink scheme. The concept of the Independent Engineering Expert was based on the earlier innovation pioneered on the Old Metro North project in 2008-2011.

View the RINA Independent Engineering Expert Report - December 2022