MetroLink Market Update: May 2022

MetroLink Market Update: May 2022

1. Re-registration is required to receive MetroLink Market Updates

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) is updating its register of market participants interested in the MetroLink Project.

If you are currently registered with TII under Tender Reference TII150 published on eTenders on 9th November 2019 (“Market Consultation Relating to the Procurement of Design, Construction, Delivery, Maintenance and Operations of Dublin Metrolink”) TED Reference: 2019/S 218-536230 and eTenders system ID 159996, you must now re-register your interest with TII under Prior Indicative Notice (PIN) TED Reference: 2022/S 076-208843 , as published in the OJEU by TII on 16th April 2022 and on the eTenders website, ( System ID 212034 ) (TII Tender Reference TII150_01). This PIN launches TII’s planned Spring market consultation on the proposed MetroLink PPP project (see below).

You must re-register your interest in the MetroLink Project with TII under this PIN whether or not you wish to engage in the market consultation for the MetroLink PPP project.

2. Spring 2022 Market Consultation for MetroLink PPP Project

As outlined above, TII has published a Prior Indicative Notice in the OJEU (TED Reference: 2022/S 076-208843 ) and on ( System ID 212034 ) to launch its planned Spring market consultation on the proposed PPP project. This PPP contract will form one of the four main contracts for delivery of MetroLink.

The purpose of the consultation is to explore with potential sponsors and financiers the level of interest and market capacity to support the financing of the PPP project, as well as to consult on its scope and commercial structure. The consultation will also examine how using a PPP approach could help the MetroLink Project to meet its objectives, including in respect of sustainable outcomes and the use of green energy.

Any interested parties wishing to respond to this market consultation, whether or not they responded to any earlier consultations and are already registered with TII, are required to send a request via the e-tenders messaging portal to the contact person named in the notice seeking to be issued with a copy of the briefing pack for review and completion of the questionnaire contained within the pack. Following receipt of the briefing pack, the subsequent closing date for responses to the market consultation is 12 noon on Wednesday 25th May 2022.

All correspondence will be via the eTenders Messaging portal including the issuing and response to the Market Consultation pack.

Note: further market consultation is planned for later in 2022 on the continued development by TII of the three main design-build contract packages for the core infrastructure. Information on this engagement will be issued under the PIN dated 16th April 2022.

3. Selection by TII MetroLink of an Insurance Adviser

TII published a Prior Indicative Notice (PIN) on 10th April 2022 on eTenders in respect of the upcoming competition to appoint a specialist insurance adviser to the MetroLink Project (TII Tender Reference TII280; “MetroLink Insurance advice and brokerage services”). The PIN is available on eTenders at this link and on the OJEU, TED Reference: 2022/S 073-196809 . No response is required to be provided to this notice.

TII intends to put in place an Owner Controlled Insurance Programme (OCIP) in respect of the MetroLink Project. Most, if not all, of the MetroLink contracts and packages will be included in the OCIP. TII will also require that all appointed contractors for MetroLink maintain their own selected insurances (Required Insurances) according to the conditions of the core contracts. To be able to appoint the Project Insurer and to procure the OCIP, TII requires the advice of an experienced insurance advisor to plan and manage the Project Insurer/OCIP procurement process and to identify the accompanying provisions for Required Insurances to be incorporated in the core contracts, including the PPP project.

The appointment of the Insurance Adviser will be made using the negotiated procedure and is anticipated to be launched in May 2022.

4. COVID-19 Restrictions and arrangements for consultation meetings

TII’s office at Parkgate Business Centre, Dublin is now open, and is progressively moving to operate on an unrestricted access basis. While Government guidance on COVID 19 has removed many restrictions, the MetroLink team continues to work remotely for much of the time.

The scheduled market consultation will likely take place remotely, in the first instance, with the expectation that an increased number of in-person meetings can be facilitated in line with prevailing public health guidance. Details of how this will be managed will be given closer to the time.

A Prior Indicative Notice will be published by TII in the Official Journal of the EU (OJEU) in advance of any Contract Notice in respect of the metro works and operations.

To download a copy of this Market Update for May 2022 please click here.

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